What is Grupo Arenas Patagónicas?

It is the merging of two companies with solid strengths in the Argentine oil market to produce frac sand.
The Group has a single sand processing and production plant in the country that satisfies all the standards the industry requires.

  • Transportes Rada Tilly: is responsible for the extraction and manufacture of frac sand.
  • Shale Kompass: is responsible for marketing frac sand produced by Grupo Arenas Patagónicas.

Our Vision

To be the main provider of natural sand of national origin for the hydrocarbon market whilst protecting the environment, developing regional economies and generating alliances with our customers.

Our Mission

To be a Group that produces and provides natural sand for the gas and oil industries, thereby helping energy development in Argentina. Our efforts are focused on satisfying the needs of the hydrocarbon market by providing frac sand with the quality and service needed according to the required standards.
The quality of the manufacturing of the product, our logistics capabilities, our experience in the gas and oil markets, our vision of treating our clientes as strategic partners and our focus on developing regional economies wherever we are based, set us apart from the competition.

Our Values

  • Our People: We want to create opportunities and development chances according to merit and the input they have in the sustained growth of the Group.
  • Ethics: We act with integrity, respect and loyalty towards people and the environment.
  • Work: We encourage teamwork by creating and sharing our know-how.
  • Innovation: We strive to create and innovate with the aim of reaching the market’s highest standards.
  • Community and Environment: We commit to the communities where we are based and we do our utmost to protect the environment.